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The Cross-border Early Childhood Network is created as part of the No LT-PL-1R-106 project “Cross-border early education network” implemented under the Lithuania-Poland Cooperation Program (INTERREG VA). The project defines the method of its creation and the objectives of its activities which are concurrent with the project’s objectives.

The created Cross-Border Network of Early Education supports the implementation of the main objective of the project, which is “to increase the quality of life by promoting and implementing high-quality early childhood education services in the Lithuanian and Polish cross-border areas”. Directly implements the specific objective “Strengthening cross-border relations in the field of early childhood education” through the execution of the following actions:

  • Creation of new forms of cross-border cooperation between local authorities, educational institutions, non-governmental organizations and local communities in the field of promotion of early education,
  • Inclusion of early education issues in the process of shaping cross-border policy and decision-making
  • Networking of stakeholders of the border education system
  • Cross-border policy programming in the field of early education support

According to the description of the project No LT-PL-1R-106 “Cross-border early education network”, the Cross-Border Early Education Network is meant to be a stable structure and platform for cross-border cooperation as part of information flow, research, monitoring and evaluation, as well as harmonization of activities, promotion of a larger commitment, cooperation and effective provision of educational services in the cross-border area.

The created Network, consisting of representatives of the border education sector and its environment will be a permanent structure and platform for cross-border cooperation in the field of information flow as well as harmonization of activities related to the development of the border education sector.

The network is to be a solid structure of cooperation – a joint initiative between borderland entities and social policy stakeholders that forms the basis for further cooperation. The network will increase the added value of social and educational activities by providing a cross-border perspective to the ongoing cooperation between education in both countries.

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